Picking Classmates
KUNC - Greeley,CO,USA
We all know that lice aren't nice - but KUNC commentator Dr. Marc Ringel says there is some good news when it comes to the tiny critters. ...
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Lice is one four-letter word that gets folks jumpy
The Tennessean - Nashville,TN,USA
It was head lice. Again. She was nearly in tears, her frustration pouring through the phone. It was her daughter's fourth time dealing with the bugs. ...
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2013 back to School Soon

Head lice choices and decisions I need to make today!

Head lice on the rise, and more and more nit pickers, moms, unlicensed, untrained and potentially dangerous working with our children. Products Claiming to be effective or approved by the FDA are they safe.

How do i choose the right product?

With so much contradicting information available today on head lice products and treatments how can i be sure i make the right choice asa parent. It's simple you have the source right here. i have gone out and done all the research for you. Its all here in one location for you come back to and most importantly for you to be able to contribute to.......... More...

How do i choose the right at home service?

Did you know anyone can be a nit picker. you don't need any training or licence in order to be able to work with the children. Now this is the real scary part of head lice. i want to be able to compare companies experience and expertise. i want to be able to know who they are and know who i am letting into my home or school. so here is the break down of lice service companies. More...

What do all these treatments and experts have in common?

The facts as they are portrayed by the CDC, NPA, AAP and many others all have the same conclusions. Read on and you will find the statements they make with links to their prospective web site. here you will learn to uncover their common attributes and find the best solution for you and your family, More...

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Schools are no longer nitpicky about head lice
WZTV - Nashville,TN,USA
(AP) -- For generations, children with signs of head lice were sent home by the school nurse. Now schools have become less nitpicky. ...
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Schools let students with head lice nits stay in class
SmartBrief - Washington,DC,USA
Educators have worried that students miss too much school, parents miss too much work and children are being made to feel ashamed about having head lice. ...
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Schools relaxing policies about head lice
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
When I was in grade school, there was no bigger shame than being sent home with head lice. If you even looked like you might have lice back then, ...
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Schools stop being so nitpicky about head lice
MainStreetMonroe.com - Monroe,Ohio,USA
Personally, I would feel better with a no lice/no nits policy mainly because we still have some parents out there who just don't take the proper course of ...
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Another Salmonella Outbreak, a Popular Cancer Vaccine and a Drug ...
New York Times - United States
At one time, having head lice was an automatic ticket home for school children, but no more. The Associated Press reports that most schools, ...
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Rise & Shine: A sad, slow news day in the city’s schools
GothamSchools - New York,NY,USA
(Times) RI officials say schools should hire teachers who are better, not more senior. (Providence Journal) Schools don’t worry about head lice like they ...
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