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Comparison of head lice products, treatments and services

So this is the mother of all web site online today about Head lice. here we break it down for you no double talk jut straight talk to get the solution to the head lice dilemma.

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Head Lice Products

All types of products all types of claims. some claims are innocent but some claims are out not in line with the CDC or AAP. we have made our choices and drawn our line in the sand now its your turn to do the same. Go though their claims and see if you come to the same conclusions that we did.

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Not many salons want to be associated with head lice but "little Fairy's " that is all they do. The first license hair expert. Offering qualified technicians performing the are of hair after all if you have no hair you have no lice. Located in NYC, Chicago, and California.


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Head Lice Services

It is great that everyone wants to jump on the band wagon and without any formal training, licensing or oversight, anyone can pick up a nit comb and start a business that works on children.  Anyone no background checks or regulation, this is more terrifying than the lice.  The lice are predictable and easy to eliminate without nit picking when you know how, but that fact that this type of business is allowed to work on children both in schools and in your home is scarily.  My current dilemma, my children’s school hired a professional company.  I tries to research the company and cannot find out any information about them.  Are they registered nurse or in the medical field, or any they licensed hair experts by the state, this is the real mystery.  So there needs to be some kind of accountability for this. 


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Head Lice Warnings!

The right diagnoses are curtail to the right treatment.  I want share what has worked for me.  I was able offer an all natural product that is safe for newborns and nursing mothers.  These chemical free products could be redistributed to the parents that needed them.  In some case schools have even help drives to help pay for other activities such as trips or just as a fundraiser. 

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