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At first i thought it would be hard to sort through all of this information but when i really got down to the nits gritty i found that there was really only one choice. its like telling everyone that you found tips new great machine called the fax. yeas there will e plenty of people that say "i don't need that" but than there are those that want to be done with lice in one hour on average and for those people there is Lice Safe. The true one application system that kill the lice and nits on contact. Exceeds the CDC recommendation and ensures that the only this left on your head is stylized hair.

if you want to stay with the times

you will use Lice Safe other wise everyone is the same 14 day of combing that simple!


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Head Lice Hero is a fun experience in head lice removal. the kids can really relate and they bare encourage to become heroes also. what a great thing they learn responsible moral vales from a bug. life should e that easy with every lesson.

Only state licensed practitioners can become a Head Lice Hero. So make sure you use the original!

Licensed - Insured- Trusted

head lice hero