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So who are the head lice experts?

We have taken all the information currently available and will continue to be update on a regular basis by us the online community and by the administrators as they seek out new and more solutions to life's everyday challenges. When i started writing again i thought ok maybe i can write about fun fashion. not knowing i would be writing about the nasty little critters. but as all my best work before this. here is the research and findings

They represent a product line and go on to say this:

So you decide do they or don't they represent a product line for lice treatment. It's clear to me that they do. although we agree on many other points..

"Apply lice medicine, also called pediculicide (peh-DICKyou- luh-side), according to label instructions. If your child has extra long hair (longer than shoulder length), you may need to use a second bottle. Pay special attention to instructions on the bottle regarding how long the medication should be left on and whether rinsing the hair is recommended after treatment.." said the CDC and they go on to say "To kill lice and nits, machine wash all washable clothing and bed linens that the infested person wore or used during the 2 days before treatment. Use the hot water (130°F) cycle. Dry laundry using high heat for at least 20 minutes."

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the care of children; in Latin, a pediatrician is literally a “healer of children A pediatrician who wishes to sub specialize in a particular field like oncology or orthopedics must complete an additional residency in his or her specialty.

The lice and nymphs are instantly destroyed and nits / eggs are released from hair shaft over time. These natural fluids are used in cosmetics, deodorants, shaving gels and hair conditioners. Contrary to the damaging effects of other products chemical compounds, LICE SAFE™ hair treatments condition the hair follicle with natural healing properties to restore and improve the hairs original pre-treatment condition. LICE SAFE™ does not aggressively attack the scalp or any skin areas that come in contact with it. Clients using the product for head lice control enjoy a soothing scalp sensation. Because of the controlled molecular weight, the product will never penetrate beyond the epidermal layer of human skin and subsequently cannot migrate into the blood stream to create nausea in the patient. The treatment in conjunction with the Licen™ Tool, offers the solution to nit picking, by incinerating the egg.  It’s left as a hollow shell which creates a cavity for the treatment to enter the hair and dissolves the nit glue from the inside out.


Offers the confidence to know that the person working on your children are state licensed and certified hair professionals. Offering natural alternatives to today's resent lice out breaks. Although we are a for profit company we give our communities our 100% support because we live in the community. we are your local Hair Stylist, Master Barbers who have committed to be the Head Lice Heroes. We understand hair, over direction and with the natural line for products produced by Lice Safe we can sterilize the hair to exceed the recommendations made by all others.

Ian f burgess

Annu. Rev. Entomology. 2004. 49:457–81
do: 10.1146/annurev.ento.49.061802.123253
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First published online as a Review in Advance on September 8, 2003

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