Mothers Against Head Lice.org

Located in California, MothersAgainstHeadLice.org is a not-for-profit organization with one goal: Eliminate Head Lice!


We know it will be impossible to completely eradicate the entire species, but we're determined to do what we can.

Head Lice are a special problem. They are simple insect pests that feed on human blood just like mosquitoes. The problem is that, unlike mosquitoes, people are embarrassed to talk about Head Lice.

There is a completely unjustified stigma associated with lice and nits that makes people afraid to discuss the subject. The popular belief is that head lice are associated with unclean personal or housekeeping habits. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, head lice prefer clean heads!

So even though changing popular belief is next to impossible ...we've decided to see what we can do to help.

What are we doing?

HEAD LICE HOTLINE - First of all, we want to provide an emergency help line for people so they have someone to talk to about lice that is NOT in their circle of family and friends. That way, they can speak freely about the problem and get some advice from a live human over the telephone.

This very important first step is called the Head Lice Hotline. You can see this project at www.HeadLiceHotline.org.

EDUCATE THE PUBLIC - The next step we'll work on is to help educate the public about the reality of the head lice issue and do what we can to help change public perception. Getting infested with head lice can happen to anyone. We know from experience that lice can plague people of any race, religion or social status.

Specific plans to accomplish this task are in development.