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Lice removal company offers tips for children, parents
Wicked Local
Parents in the Waltham area spend a lot of money for summer programs and camps for their children. No one wants to learn that his or her child has gotten head lice, but it happens all too often. This is especially so in the upcoming summer months and ...
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Rapunzel's Lice Boutique | Summer and Head Lice, Who Knew?
Most people associate summer with a respite from head lice... such as Rapunzel's Lice-Sense all natural, organic products which are infused with essential oils, ...

Summer is here... and so are Head Lice!
PR Newswire (press release)
Due to the high head lice infestation rates this summer, Ladibugs has special offers throughout the summer to help prevent head lice. During the month of July, buy one Ladibugs prevention productat regular price and receive another product of equal or ...
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Friday Reading: Weighing Buzz Cuts Vs. Head Lice
New York Times (blog)
June 28, 2013, 8:09 am. Friday Reading: Weighing Buzz Cuts Vs. Head Lice. By ANN CARRNS · Today in Your Money. All the news from The Times that will hit you in the wallet. A variety of consumer-focused articles appears daily in The New York Times and ...
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A New Name for the Revolutionary Heated-Air Lice Device
Wall Street Journal (press release)
The second section describes the AirAllé device, its effectiveness at killing head lice and eggs, and where to get a professional AirAllé treatment. The last section details how entrepreneurs can start and grow successful businesses with the AirAllé ...
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Lice, and a Buzz Cut for Camp
New York Times
A “Nit-Free” lice removal treatment wasn't nit-free enough to get my son to overnight camp last summer. The twice-daily follow-up combing routine wouldn't fly there. “We don't have enough staff,” the director explained over the phone. “And for the kid ...
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Health Tip: Reduce the Risk of Head Lice
U.S. News & World Report
(HealthDay News) -- Head lice are very contagious, but there are things parents can do to help keep their children from becoming infested. The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions: Teach children to avoid having their heads come in contact with ...
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A Summer Camp Lesson: Goodbye, and Go Away, Thank You Very Much
The Atlantic
We could hang around during registration, watch while they check him for lice, help him lug his bags to his cabin, and shake hands with his counselor, but after that, our parental duties were complete. We were expected to say goodbye, and go away ...
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The People's Pharmacy for June 23
Richmond Times Dispatch
It is almost time for my children to go off to camp this summer, and I am dreading the possibility that they will come home with lice again. Is there anything they can do to avoid catching lice? Answer: Whenever kids are in close quarters, the chances ...
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Leading Experts in Parenting, Education and ... - Yahoo! Finance
Head lice are tan to grayish-white insects, about the size of a sesame seed, spread through head-to-head contact. An estimated six to 12 million infestations ...