Prevention of Head Lice

The facts are clear from the start head lice have been around everywhere and they will continue to be around for a very long time. prevention is the knowledge of knowing about head lice so if you have head lice call your friends family and anyone else you have been in contact with for the past few days.

If you know what they are and you know how to treat that is the best form of prevention with the heads up call.. Head lice if gone untreated can devastate not only your life but all the lives you come in contact with. the best example is the transmission of head lice through a conduit such as a high batch chair. these chairs are used by the public and there are no sanitary measures in place to circumvent the passing of lice to chair to human again. All you need is one louse that starts to reproduce then you have a full blown epidemic.

The realities are that life and lice go on, so be aware and cautious when life puts you in these scenarios. here is what our readers say:


"Prevention, its almost like an oxy moron, how do you prevent the common cold?  Yes you do all the right things food choices, exercise, but at the end of the day you are vulnerable to situations beyond your control.  Case in point, I am sure that my girls got them from the movie theater outing with her friends.  I volunteered to take a group of girls 8 to the movies.  The theater had the high back chairs.  After that outing we found that 3 of the girls had lice.  When I found it on my daughter I called the other parents and the two other cases were confirmed.  As the three parents retraced and notified other children’s parent and the school the only place all three of us could come up with was the movies.  So on that note sally, mom used nix on her, Cheryl’s mom called and a service head lice hero, and I used the mayo and olive oil treatment.  All I can say is that god for Cheryl’s mom, Susan.  The service, http://headlicehero.com, used a product called lice safe http://licesafe.com , all natural and chemical free, but it was very expensive she paid over $300 plus the cost of extra product.  So I went online and found got the product myself for only $40 the web site was http://bestpricesalon.com  So the moral of the story is you can get it anywhere no matter who you are. "