Screening for Lice is Key

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With this new found ideology that children should be allowed back in school even though they have nits in their hair. This like many other things in life is two fold. One I would not like to be the parent of the other children because nits in the hair could or will hatch to become lice. but if my child had lice and there where old nits from a previous infestation than i would ant my child allowed back into school. this brings challenges and good arguments from both sides of the bench. but we must remember the child, that needs to be our focus and have them go through this experience in a manor that will make them better parents for their children. One company that was found to have the best screen practices was the Head Lice Heroes brand. they only use licensed state hair professional and are insured and trusted. they have specialized equipments that can determine 100% if it is lice or nits and what lice cycle stage they are at.

Lice Safe has also pledged their commitment to ensure that " NO Child shall be left UN-Checked" by helping to fund Head Lice Hero with special manufactures incentive to pay for part and in some cases all the cost of the lice checks for schools and camps. To learn more about these and other subsidized programs visit www.licesafe.com