Treatments - 14 days of combing /WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?

So the options are clear. you can take your chances with a pesticide, or you can use a natural product. But at the end they all want you to do 14 days of combing. Including the Lice safe brand. You can just purchase the product from them they give you a free lice comb. the lice combs are made to be disposable to ensure that they are keep 100% sanitary. Use the product for 14 days if you want without the combing. as the lice hatch they are exposed to the product and are sentenced to instant death.


Don't have /or don't want to wait 14 days

Just combine the Lice Safe product with their Licen Tool and in about an hour you could be done. the premise is incineration as discussed by the CDC, AAP and countless others including the NPA. The specific numbers come from the CDC stating the value of heat to exceed 130 F. So Licen Tool is a 450F that leaves the hair sterilized. you have to see it to believe it. I have asked for video and they will be getting some soon, but this technology is too new.